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  • This list is an announce-only list.

Latest free announcements and audition notifications from VSM Entertainment & Casting for jobs and productions we have been hired to produce, promote or cast.

Please note, we are a NON-EXCLUSIVE Casting Service, and work both with Talent Agencies and unrepresented talent throughout the country. This is a notification email list only. We will announce castings as we receive them, and you are under no financial or contractual obligation to accept any job we offer.

Feel free to distribute this information to other performers or agencies, as appropriate. All we ask is when you respond to a casting, you mention you heard about the role through VSM Entertainment & Casting. As we grow this service, more opportunities will open for all.

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Actor accepted by free subscription only. May unsubscribe at any time. VSM Entertainment & Casting will never sell or provide your information to outside or third parties. All information collected will will remain confidential and solely be used by VSM Entertainment & Casting and its staff.


  1. VSM News and Upcoming Acting Workshops
    Sent February 1st 2016

    Congratulations to the hundreds of actors VSM Entertainment & Casting placed in the feature film JL RANCH, starring Jon Voight (Deliverance, Mission Impossible, Midnight Cowboy), Teri Polo (Meet The Fockers), Steven Bauer (Scarface), Melanie Griffith ...

  2. Need JAMES CAAN Stand-in/Double Plus Latino Teens for feature film!
    Sent January 6th 2016

    VSM Entertainment & Casting has been hired to provide Extras & Background Casting for the movie JL RANCH, starring Jon Voight (Mission Impossible, Midnight Cowboy), Teri Polo (Meet The Fockers), Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Melanie Griffith (Workin...

    Sent December 30th 2015

    VSM Entertainment & Casting has been hired to provide Extras & Background Casting for the movie JL RANCH, starring Jon Voight (Mission Impossible, Midnight Cowboy), Teri Polo (Meet The Fockers) and Steven Bauer (Scarface). This Western-themed feat...

  4. Actor needed to play Muhammad Ali for Oscar-Winning Director!
    Sent December 7th 2015

    Actor needed to portray MUHAMMAD ALI in upcoming feature film! Seeking an experienced actor to star as the legendary boxer in this exciting new project for Oscar-Winning director Ang Lee (Life Of Pi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) Seeking African-Amer...

  5. TV Opportunities in Louisville, KY, Halifax, PA & New Orleans, LA!
    Sent November 6th 2015

    Non-Profit animal support organization seeks TV spokesman. Paid role for an on-going comic character to promote pet adoption for a Kentucky animal shelter. Fun role for a boisterous male, 30 to 60, similar to a overly energetic used car salesman. Improv...

  6. Background Actors Needed For Major Cable Network TV Show!
    Sent October 14th 2015

    Now casting fun-loving Background Actors and Extras for the Big Season Finale of a popular reality show on a major National Cable Network. Seeking males and females aged 21-35, all ethnicities on Thursday, November 12, 2015 in New Orleans, LA. Big perso...

    Sent September 9th 2015

    RUSH TV COMMERCIAL CASTING! VSM has been asked to find PREGNANT & NEW MOMS, PLUS PATIENTS & FAMILY MEMBERS for a series of Healthcare Commercials to be shot in Kentucky NEXT WEEK, September 15th & 16th. No lines, so acting experience not re...

  8. Rush Casting for Good Paying Print Ad in Lexington, KY! Submit ASAP!
    Sent August 18th 2015

    VSM has been asked to help find THREE MEN for a print shoot on THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th & FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th in Lexington, Kentucky. Pay is $1,000/day (agency fee included) with a two-day minimum for each role. Seeking: FARMER -(age 50-60) with outd...

  9. Last Chance to be in Hallmark Channel movie, plus new VSM Acting Workshops!
    Sent August 5th 2015

    Last chance to be part of THE ULTIMATE LEGACY! Due to overwhelming interest from around the region, the Hallmark Channel movie currently shooting in LaGrange, Kentucky is expanding the number of extra and background actor opportunities to be in the film....

  10. Seeking Raquel Welch body double for Hallmark Channel Movie
    Sent July 13th 2015

    VSM is seeking a body double for actress RAQUEL WELCH (see photos at http://www.vsmentertainment.com/free-audition-notices/kentucky-film-television-video/raquel-welch-myko-oliver-doubles-needed-for-hallmark-movie/1427.html). Needs to pass for around 60 y...

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